Compass Construction

Our niche in the market is relationship driven and we strive to be an asset and bring value to our clients through hearing and understanding their vision and then engage them from our construction experience.  We want to explore every avenue and totally under the nuances and the intricacies of the project; the fine details and the little things that are hard to accomplish.  We want to know how they will use the space, be it a home or a commercial space such as a restaurant, church or other venue.

We have worked around Cherokee Valley for a few years now and we have watched from a distance the changes that have been made and the upgrades.  We have listened as the owners talked about where they live and what they thought.  We heard about the new venue and when we had the opportunity to understand what it was, how it would be built and the overall collaboration that we would have with the owner, chef and architect; it was a FIT!  We knew that with everyones involvement we could flourish and that is what we always want to do!  Not just construct a structure, but build a dream!  See the owners vision come to reality!

As we engaged this team and understood the detail , thought and level of commitment they had to this project; We knew we wanted to be involved!

We are grateful to be part of the team!  Team  Core 450  Bringing fine cuisine and casual dining to Northern Greenville!

Scott Wolfe, President of Compass Construction

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